“Welcome” – a Call to Worship

(A call to worship, or a hymn introduction)

Ladies and Gentlemen
Boys and Girls – Welcome!
Believers and Seekers
And Those who have nowhere else to turn – Welcome!
Beggars and Bankers
Prostitutes and Professors – Welcome!
Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White
All precious in His sight – Welcome!
Politicians and Electricians
Beauticians and Physicians – Welcome!
Republicans and Democrats
If you’re Skinny; if you’re Fat – Welcome!
Those of you who own a FAX
If you cheat on income tax – Welcome!
Those of you who look so good
shiny hubcap, polished hood;
Those of you who’ve had a crash:
Banged and battered, maimed and mashed – Welcome!
Pro-Life, Pro-Choice
Pro-fane, Pro-vocative – Welcome!
Decrepit, divorced
Hopeless and Helpless – Welcome!
Adulterers and Athletes and Alcoholics
Victors and Victims – Welcome!
Sinners and Saints
Those who Sing and those who Paint – Welcome!
Hippies and Homosexuals and Handymen
Heroine Addicts and Hypocrites – Welcome!

Welcome to the Throne of Grace
God wants all to seek His face
None are worthy in this place
Bathe in His Amazing Grace.

©Copyrighted Material.  Use by permission.

The back-story to the “Welcome To Worship” piece!

A very prominent national politician was stumping in my part of the U.S., and wanted to go to Church on Sunday.  He chose mine.  This was not someone who had endeared himself to the Christian Right; many people of Faith were less than fond of him.  Nevertheless, he wanted to go to Church: not speak; not pray; not be acknowledged in any way; just go to Church.

That Sunday, many in the local Faith community turned out to protest, complete with signs and screams.  They protested not only his presence, but also our willingness to allow ‘such a Man’ to enter our doors.

I was incensed, and wrote the “Welcome To Worship” piece to remind anyone who would listen of just who was welcome in our Church to worship God.  To his credit, my senior pastor allowed me to start the service the following week with this as our call to worship.

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