Repentant Fruit

Luke 3:8 – “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”

Repentant Love – When a recipient of undeserved love is impelled to give that love to an undeserving person.

Repentant Joy – Gratitude provoked by forgiveness.  Freedom mixed with relief.

Repentant Peace – The realization that your inability to earn salvation is equal to your ability to un-earn it.

Repentant Patience – When the memories of you at your worst cause you to wait for others to be at their best.

Repentant Kindness – Self-inflicted scars which incite you to care for the self-inflicted wounds of  the self-indulgent.

Repentant Goodness – The sense that “repentant kindness” is both privilege and responsibility.

Repentant Faithfulness – When the commitment to faithfulness is fueled by its benefactor.

Repentant Gentleness – How one quadriplegic would feed another quadriplegic, if he could move his hands.

Repentant Self-control – When strength and weakness are out for a drive together, and the traffic light is always yellow.

How does repentance affect or mutate the fruit of the Spirit?
Is repentance the orchard in which fruit grows?  Is it the fertilizer?  Does repentance provide the right motive for the right action?  How do a repentant person’s definitions of the fruit of the Spirit differ from the average?    What does repentant fruit look like?

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