Ponderings & Proverbs


-Art is an attempt to relate that which cannot be relived
To divulge that which cannot be described

-True Art gives life experience free of consequence

-Art is man’s expression of God’s creation


-Love yourself appropriately
Lose yourself completely as you love others

-Live joyfully; life is a celebration
Live compassionately; there are those who have nothing to celebrate

-Live responsibly; you received what you did not deserve
Live fully; you did not receive what you did deserve

-Rejoice in your humanity
Long for His eternity

-Apply never-changing Truth
To ever-changing Life

-Become more human
By becoming less worldly

-Trust in the sovereignty of God
Learn to choose what that is


-If your appreciation of change grows stale,
You will only appreciate stale things.

-If you lose your ability to change,
You will never change your abilities.

-Be careful of expectations too highly placed
They will either invite disappointment
Or spoil the surprise


-If your ethics do not control your situation
Then your situation will control your ethics

-In the long run
A man’s integrity will say more
Than his mouth will

-A person’s beliefs are only as deep
As his willingness to act on them

-Custom and Conviction
One is like clothes
The other like skin

-If you have nothing worth dying for,
You have nothing worth living for.


A sense of destiny is difficult to explain.  It is the ever-present sense that there is something special to do.  It is not something to talk about, lest one “jinx” it, or sound egotistical.  It is not something to be grabbed for or rushed, lest in its immaturity it be sour like an unripe apple.  Neither is it something to be manipulated or engineered, lest a limited view of what is good should somehow interfere with what is best.

Still, it is difficult to wait when ability and potential seem to be at the boiling point; when all around, peers are making their marks or are moving on to other things; when one could go forward simply by meeting the right person.

But waiting is essential!  Ego must be driven out.  Desire must be tempered with patience.  Direction must be set by the One who sees all.

One must attempt to embrace the feeling of destiny, because it stimulates refinement.  One must learn to live in the present, as well as for the future.  One must learn to glorify God each day, and to keep others in perspective.


Having Faith does not mean that I can read God’s mind,
But rather
Once I have sought God’s will, I can consider it reality

Faith is not so much believing that
God must do whatever I ask
As it is
Believing that whatever God does is provoked by love

Faith is being healed of the need to be healed


Learning to be generous is like rolling a large rock uphill:
1) the struggle
2) the release
3) it rolls back to you.
Generosity is like giving a present to yourself.
Generosity is like wearing a warm coat on a cold day.
Too much generosity is like wearing three coats.
No generosity, and you grow colder by the moment.
The worth of your gift is equal to the depth of your sacrifice.


Something everyone wants to have
But no one wants to be.
Something you can shoot for but can never know you hit.
When the greatest think of the least as the greatest,
And the greatest the least.
Having to be reminded that you are the guest of honor.
The combination of purity
Which has no reflection in the mirror
And scars
That do.
Not self-pity
Not self-degrading
Not low self-esteem
Because these all contain self.
-F. Chan


Lord, teach me to appreciate, rather than judge,
People who are different than me.
Lord, forgive me for thinking that
Everyone should be like     me.
How boring!
Lord, I am neither so “chosen” nor so “set-apart”
That I should ever degrade another human being.
Lord, protect me from judging a person by his color
Rather than by his character.
Lord, it is easier to look down and laugh
Than to lean down and lift.
Never let me take the easy way out.


(An Application of I Corinthians 13)

Verse 1
The gift of human and/or heavenly languages is mere noise when employed in Love’s absence.

Verse 2
Gifts of Prophecy, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Faith are exercised in vain when Love is lacking.

Verse 3
Supreme generosity and courageous martyrdom are empty gestures without Love.

Dear Lord,
I don’t lack gifts and abilities; I lack Love.  You gave me all the gifts I needed, but I come up short on Love.  How can I get more, for I am:
-too busy to Love
-too ambitious to Love
-too petty to Love
-too unforgiving to Love
-too judgmental to Love.

What’s a sinner to do?  Grow Your heart in me, Lord.  I need     fruit, not gifts!


The Cormorant
It’s okay to leave the sky and dive into the water,
If you know when to take a break
And dry your wings in the sun.

The Seagull
When he walks, he is awkward at best
But when he flies, there is no questioning
What he was designed to do.

Apart from Christ we, too, are awkward at best
But to see a person filled with Christ
Is to understand the purpose of mankind.

The Coastline
Where Power is creative
And Creativity is powerful
And each compliments the other

The Cypress Tree
Think now of the Cypress tree
A picture of tenacity
Though wind and sea may shape it’s frame
It keeps a foot-hold just the same

Many are those who see beauty in the forest
Content is he who sees it in the desert

What can transform a calm, peaceful sea
Into a wall of raging water?  Wind!
What can transform a raging, guilt ridden being
Into calm, peaceful soul?  Spirit!


If you are unable to obey
You are in bondage

If you are unwilling to obey
You are in rebellion

If you choose to obey
You are in love
If you are unable to obey
You are smart but weak

If you are unwilling to obey
You are strong but foolish

If you choose to obey
You are smart and strong

If you are unable to obey
You are in bondage
You are smart but weak

If you are unwilling to obey
You are in rebellion
You are strong but foolish

If you choose to obey
You are in love
You are smart and strong



Help me to do all of the things I need to do
And some of the things I want to do

God owed me nothing
Yet gave me everything
I had everything
Yet it amounted to nothing
I gave God my nothing
And received all things


“It is by my power, and by my might,
And not by Your Spirit,” says my ego.
But as for me and my ego, I will serve myself.
If I must build the house, the Lord’s labor is in vain.
My God won’t supply all my needs as long as riches and glory are my priority.
I can do nothing without Christ, Who strengthens me.
It is not Christ but ego who lives in me

And this life I now live in the flesh I live by greed
Trusting in things that care nothing for me.
To the disciple of Christ
Fame is a false crown.
“Servant” is the only title worth pursuing.
Beauty may acknowledge but never
Worship in the mirror
Or it is no longer.
One is never so stupid
As when he is too smart to learn something.


Work is the whip
And self-denial the bridle
For the horse named vanity.



Simple as taking a walk
Extravagant as taking a cruise

Basic as a drink of water
Lavish as a drink of fine champagne

Easy as a talk with a friend
Involved as a royal procession

Unrefined as sitting on a log
Dignified as sitting in a cathedral

A dance of celebration
A dance of romance

Spontaneous as a Picnic
Planned as a Banquet

Rarely what you expect
Always what you need




Christ my Anchor
Holds me down when I would float aimlessly
Slows me down when I would sail recklessly
Gives me balance when the wind is right

What is love without faithfulness?  Infidelity!
What is faithfulness with out love?  Captivity!
What is love and faithfulness?  Wonderful!

A man who tells how smart he is
Is not a smart as he thinks he is.
But if he claims to be a fool
He wants to make one out of you.

The wealthy are the poorest people I know.

Trust is slow to arrive
And quick to depart

Ritual is like salt
Just enough enhances
Too much engulfs

A completely tolerant man is seldom completely convinced.
A completely convinced man is seldom completely tolerant.
When the tolerant man insists that the convinced man become tolerant, the tolerant man becomes neither.


Do I consistently seek opportunities to segregate from non-Christians, such as Christian health clubs or Christian     campgrounds?


Should people have to accept my stance on abortion and/or     homosexuality before I tell them about Christ?


Which best describes my relations with non-Christians:
a) One beggar telling another beggar
where to find food.
b) A mother telling her child to eat their vegetables.
c) Avoid the enemy.


When encountering a homosexual with AIDS,
is my tendency to:
a) Show compassion?
b) Show nothing so as not to condone?
c) Show hostility?


If I had to choose between too much law and too much grace, which would I choose?  Which should I show?

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