A hands-on approach to the leading of worship, including participation in actual rehearsal-sets, uniquely corporate worship, and discussion of topics which include:

What does a Worship Team sound like?
-Quick Tips for singing together.
-Changing styles and adapting your sound
-Non-music readers

What does a Worship Team feel like?
-How to have worshipful rehearsals.
-Is that the Holy Spirit, or a really good groove?
-Corporate worship vs. individual worship in a crowded room.
-Can it be wrong, when it feels so right?

What does a Worship Team live like?
-Being devoted in an un-devoted world.
-Worship Team unity and responsibility.
-Leading the way and getting out of the way.


What does a Worship Team function like?
-The Palm-Sunday Donkey?
-A Nature Guide?
-A Cheerleader?

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