Corporate Actions & Responses


-Sing gathering songs
-Group “Calls to Worship”
-Let the first words be about God
-“We gather in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit”
-“Let us present ourselves to God as a lump of clay would to the Potter”
-See also Book of Common Prayer
-Use the Temple liturgies’ (Ps 93-100) traditional calls to worship.  (Ps 95:1-2; Ps 96:7-9)
-Is 55:1-3
-Ps 19:14

-Always tie announcements to the purpose of the Church; i.e. “Because we as a Church are resolved to ____________, we invite you to gather for _________________.
-Be careful!  Many Churches have two or three announcement times; they just don’t call it that.

Intros to help people engage with the reading of the Word of God
-“I am about to open the faucet of God’s Words to us.  Drink some; cool yourself; wash your wounds.  But please, don’t just let it go down the drain.”
-“I am about to uncork the finest of wines.  Don’t just drink it, and don’t turn it down.  Savor it; smell it; observe the complexities of it; relish it.
-“Don’t just hear these words; listen to them.  I invite you now, in the words of Jeremiah, to “Stand at the crossroads, and see, and ask for the ancient paths,
Where the good way is, and walk in it;
And you will find rest for your souls.”
-Don’t just hear the sound of the words.  Listen; analyze; evaluate; interact.
-“I invite you now to come in from the fields of your lives.  Take a long, cool drink of pure, cold water, drawn from the well of abundant life.”
-I am about to slice the Bread of Life before you.  I invite you to devour it as you listen.
-“Listen to these words as though God, Himself, were saying these things to our Church.”
-“I am about to read holy words to you.  Be attentive, as God has sent these words from the place where light is born, to be penned and preserved for us to hear.  Listen for God’s voice.      Try to hear the overtones of His heart between the words, for it will be my voice, but His message.”
-“Give ear!  God has breathed-out these words to faithful people who would write them down for us!  As you listen, see if you can sense His presence; touch His hand; feel His breath.”
-Read Ps 119:47-48 and have people lift hands and meditate as the WoG is read.
-Have various groups read, while others listen (Men/Women; Old/Young; etc.)

-Meditate on a short phrase of Scripture
-“Listen to Jeremiah’s love for God’s words.  He said (recite Jer. 15:16);
then say “I invite you to eat these words as I read; to take them into yourselves, and to     allow them to nourish you; to strengthen you; to infuse you with life.”
-Think on the NT’s “God Is” statements (Light; Fire; Love; Spirit)
-Results of Salvation
-Synonyms for salvation (adoption; mercy; forgiveness; grafting-in; etc.)
-Promises (reserve a place in heaven; never leave;
-Is 55:6-9
Jer 2:13

Intros to Songs
-Whenever possible, tie to Scripture
-If a prayer song, say “Pray this together” then just start singing.
Greeting/Acknowledging/Edifying others
-Passing of peace (in place of “meet & greet”)
-Tie it to corporate commands, i.e. “consider one another more important . . .” or “consider how to stimulate one another to love and good works . . .”
-Silent prayer for those next to or around you; -Hand on shoulder during prayer

-Whisper a word of thanks for the privilege of being involved with the KoG
-Whisper “take my heart”
-Whisper “I wish it were more”
-Walk forward to lay offering before God
-Sing songs of thanks while passing plate
-Speak Rom 11:33-36

Praise Responses
(“Why worship a God who did things in the past, but does nothing now?”)
-Quietly raise/lower hand if God has: comforted; healed; provided; guided; etc.
-Speak out your thanks
-What has He done in you that you could not do in yourself? He has . . .
-How has He shown himself to be faithful?  Trustworthy?  Strong?

Worship responses
Speak out God’s:
-Deeds (You have . . .)

Prayer Responses
-Ps 139 – “May the words of my mouth . . .”
-Say benedictions (see “Benedictions”)
-Pray audibly
-Say/sing/meditate through the “Lord’s Prayer”
-How has God shown Himself to faithful this week?  (He _________ me. . . )

Responses of Resolve
-Rom 1:16
-Gal 2:20
-Job 27:13
-Psalm 142:5
-Speak/Sing a Creed (Nicene; Apostles; Athanasius’; etc.)

Singing Responses
Prayer songs
Praise songs
Read, then sing the Scripture

Congregational Prayer
-Is 58:9
-Mix-up how prayer is done (silently; corporate whisper; leader prompt; prompt with a slide.
Lead through five words of sin (sin; guile; transgress; trespass; iniquitous)
and have people agree
Leader prays, people sporadically agree with “me, too, Lord.”
Litany (Book of Common Prayer)
Litanies: “I have sinned”
Allow THS to put a finger on an area which is offensive to Him.

-Our World
School closest to where you live
Government officials
Justice for the oppressed
-His Kingdom come
Persecuted Church
Other religions/cults
-Our needs
Salvation of fam/friends/neighbors

-Spread-out hands (low) during prayer
-Stand – always hook action to meaning!  i.e. stand to honor; stand to identify; stand in the     newness of life; etc.
-Bow (at waist; head; etc. )
-Stretch-out a hand for prayer (a la laying-on of hands)
-Hands: Palms up to receive; down to drop or lay-down; fist to hold-on tightly;
-Lift hands corporately.

Good group-spoken benedictions
-Ps 106:47-48
-Ps 48:9-10
-Ps 33:20-22
-Ps 27 13-14
-1 Tim 6:15-16
-Rom 11:33-36
-All speak the Gloria Patri
-In response to the priestly blessing (Num 6:24-26), have the people answer with
Psalm 67:1-7

Benedictions: say over people with heads bowed or palms open
-1 Chron 29:10-12
-Is 58:6-11
-Heb 13:20-21
-1 Thess 5:23-24
-Num 6:24-26
-Eph 3:16-21
-Rom 15:13
-Sing “Parting/Mission” songs, i.e. “Let Love be Multiplied”

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