Keep the Love Alive

“I LOVE YOU,” said the man to the woman on the night they were engaged.  His words hung like a heavy dew in the air.

“I LOVE YOU,” he said again, and like rain to a desert the woman received his words.  The look of commitment and conviction in the man’s eyes would linger with her for years.

With the passing of time, however, the man learned nothing new to say.  What was once meaningful now became mundane and ordinary.  “Honey, I love you, I’m home;” “Honey, I love you, how was your day;” “Honey, I love you, what’s for supper;” “Honey, I love you, I’m exhausted;”

“Honey, I love you, will you scratch my ba…..Honey?……”

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, I’ve heard it all before.
I pray the same, I stay the same, and now new life’s a bore.”

Even in the assembly of the saints, what was meaningful can become mundane.  As a Body of Christ, we are called to gather ourselves to exalt His Name (Psalms 34:3).  We do and say meaningful things so that God will be honored and will know how we feel about Him.  If we refuse to incorporate the “new” into our exaltation, however, our love for God will grow as stale as our expressions.  “I know what I like” usually means “I like what I know,” and all of us have comfort zones that must be stretched if our exaltation is to continue to be meaningful.  “Honey, I love you”, must grow into “Honey, I love you, because………”

As we go out from the gathered Body of Christ, we must ask God “how did I do today?”.  Although the leading and stretching of our exaltation is the job of the worship leader, the responsibility for exalting falls upon each worshipper, lest what was once meaningful will become mundane.

Dear God, I…..LOVE…..YOU.

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