How to Get $93 (Setting Goals)

Once there was a child who wanted to save $100 in a year.  The strategy was to put a certain amount of money into a piggy bank each week.  As the year progressed, the child  missed a few weeks.  When asked, at the end of the year, whether the goal had been met, the child responded “no, but I still have $93!”  (Courtesy of Dr. Mark Lee, then president of Simpson College)

I like this!  I set lots of goals: physical; business; spiritual; mental; financial; ministry; family.  I NEVER accomplish them all, but am always miles down the road from where I would have been had I not set them.

Take the time to evaluate your lifestyle.  Decide to aim at something, because if you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it.  Set some goals, and write them down.  Read your goals on the 1st of each month.  Rewrite a few if life has changed.  Have an ending point, and then see how you did.  Otherwise, you may end up with life, but no style.

And remember; even if you fall short,  you’ll still have $93!

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