An Alternative to Piety?

I teach college students; students who love God and are equipping themselves to serve Him.  Yet, I have not had a significant percentage of any class that maintains a vital, daily secret life with Christ.  In fact, if I had to guesstimate, it would down around 8%.

Now, I’m not a guy who likes discipline for discipline’s sake.  If there is an easier way, or a shortcut, I’ll find it.  With some things, however, there is no shortcut.  For example, I’m a really good Trumpet player.  It is how I fed myself, and my family, for many, many years.  Still, I would not dream of getting up in front of people to play, unless I had spent every day in solitude, practicing.  That is the cost of playing well.

The early Church Fathers understood this, and have left us a legacy of holy habits, known as “Spiritual Disciplines.” The engaging habits include: Study; Worship; Prayer; Service; Meditation.  The abstaining habits include: Solitude; Silence; Fasting; Simplicity; Chastity/Celibacy.

I understand that it is not easy having a relationship with Someone you can’t see, but employing these habits can help to develop intimacy with God.  And it’s not like I’m asking you to kiss your sister.  This secret life with God is amazing!  It just takes steady, daily commitment.  I tell my Worship Leadership students the same thing I tell my Trumpet students: “If you can’t or don’t want to pay the price, change your major.”

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