Luke 2:25-35

Simeon was a man in-between.  It had been four hundred years since the Prophets fell silent; four hundred years since God had whispered of His coming Messiah.  The echo of that whisper had planted a seed of hope in Simeon’s soul which he could not ignore.  This seed was more than simple hope: it was live anticipation of something meant to be.  Further, hope had clothed itself in purpose as Simeon looked for Messiah.  And somehow he knew.  He knew he would no longer be in-between, but would someday sing the song of a promise kept; of a longing fulfilled; of a whisper shouted.  He knew he would live to see Messiah.

What dream has been whispered to your heart?  What seed of hope has been planted in your soul?  Has the passing of time extinguished it, or does it still smolder within?  Do you believe and anticipate the seed will one day break through the soil of your life and show itself?

Simeon kept his hope alive by drinking daily from its fountain.  The temple became his place of waiting and watching, and he went there with each sunrise.  The Scriptures contained the whispered promises of God, and he heard them regularly.  He wanted to recognize Messiah’s voice when he appeared, so he listened for it often.  He dreamed about the day he would sing the song of a promise kept.

Do your daily routines nurture your hope?  Are the care and feeding of your dreams programmed into the fabric of your life?  Does your discipline reflect your faith?

One day Simeon was awakened by God.  He felt compelled to get to his place of waiting and watching.  He prayed.  He read.  He listened.  Then he heard the voice; he heard Messiah’s voice.  It was shrouded in the cry of a baby, but Simeon recognized it.  And he sang!

Awaken, O soul, to His prompting.  Be disciplined, O mind, in your waiting.  Listen not, O heart, for the ordinary.  God’s ways are far above your ways.  He is both eternal and surprising.  He is faithful, but not predictable.  He is able, but not subordinate.  He will fulfill His whispered promise in His way and in His time.  He extends to you the joyful privilege of hoping for something that even Hell cannot not change.  And you will sing!

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