Consider Joseph, of “Joseph and Mary” fame.  He was a desert dweller: he had a weathered face and strong hands.  And he was a carpenter: he made things, and fixed things that were broken.  His power-tools were his arms, which must have been huge.  To make things and to fix things that were broken required power, and this power came from his arms.

One day Joseph is told by an angel that he will be the dad to the Messiah; not father, for he would not.  Fathers sire children, but dads raise children.  He was told that he was to raise Jesus from boyhood to manhood.  Imagine Joseph talking to God, asking things like “Why me?  I’m just a carpenter.  I make things, and I fix things that are broken.  What can I teach the Son of God?”

Maybe the answer came softly; perhaps late at night.  “Joseph, teach him to make things, and to fix things that are broken.  Work him hard, so that he will have huge arms: arms that will protect children, and arms that will hug sinners; arms that will go into the sacred places of the self-righteous to overturn the tables of the religious profiteer with a single effort.”


Maybe you need those arms to surround you.  Perhaps you need Him to make something new of you, or in you.  You need Him to fix something that is broken, like a relationship, or a career, or a life.  Perhaps bad choices broke it.  Or it could be that someone else broke it and left you holding the pieces.  You might even be thinking that God broke it, or at the very least could have kept it from getting broken, and you blame Him.

Gather up the broken pieces of your life and take them to Him to fix.  Take a moment to speak His name: “Jesus.”  Let me very gently say that if you speak His name He will come to you and make you new.  Whisper His name:  “Jesus!”  Find the words to tell Him: “Jesus, this is broken; will you fix it please?”  Speak His name.

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