Luke 2:36-38

That she survived at all is amazing, what with no man to protect and provide for her during this harsh time of history.  Oh, she had had a man, but he died after only seven years of marriage.  She might have become someone’s third wife, but instead she set her hope upon Jehovah-Jireh, the God Who Provides.

Years of reliance became decades of service, which eventually turned into a lifetime of love for God.  She was constantly in His temple.  She served Him.  She denied herself for Him.  She sacrificed to Him.  She spoke to Him; and she spoke for Him.  She is the prophetess, Anna, and she lived for God

It was a fitting tribute that when the time came God would want to show her His baby boy.  And it is not at all surprising that she would recognize this Son as Messiah.  As Simeon concluded his prophecy concerning the Child, Anna was also in the temple, and approached Mary and Joseph.  She did not exercise her gift of prophecy as you would expect a prophetess to do; rather, she gave thanks.  She gave thanks to the God Who had comforted her through a lifetime of lonely nights.  She gave thanks to the God Who had provided for her in a society where a dog might get better treatment than a widow.  She turned to the God Who had spoken through her when some wouldn’t even speak to her, and she gave thanks.

She then did something else.  She began to speak about the Child, but not to everyone.  Having spent a lifetime of service in the house of the Most High God, she knew who of the temple visitors that day were truly looking for Messiah.  She told these faithful ones that redemption had come at last!  In this she prophesied; in this she was right.

Dear God,

Become the focus of my living and the reason for my service.

Become the object of my affection and the source of my satisfaction.

Speak to me and speak through me, but by all means, speak.

Enable me to give thanks even after a lifetime of hardship, and to bear witness of Your redemption to anyone willing to look.

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