Advice for Worship Leaders

1.  To encourage people to participate, try to choose songs they know.  Be careful of using more than one new song in a set, and make sure it is quickly accessible.  If you’re a visiting leader, do your homework (know, in advance, the songs with which the people are familiar).

2.  To enable people to sing with you, it will help to choose accessible keys.  What vocally works for you might not work for the people.

3.  If you want people to actively listen to you sing, say so, and tell them why.

4.  To inspire people to follow you, tell them where you are going.  Have a theological plan; don’t just choose songs that groove well together.

5.  To add some aesthetic interest, try to incorporate a variety of styles in an assortment keys.

6.  To help people to engage, provide several avenues of response.  Do more than simply “stand and sing.”

7.  To get people to think as well as to feel, beware of aimless repetition.

8.  To invite an authentic response, tell people why you want them to stand, kneel, raise hands, clap, etc.  Don’t assume, and if you don’t know the “why,” go figure it out.

9.  To lead people to marvel, rejoice, repent or praise, incorporate the Scriptures for guidance.  Be inviting, but don’t demand that they feel what you feel.

10.  To facilitate worship, sprinkle your prayers and transitions with the various attributes of God.  Don’t just rely upon the song lyrics.

11.  If you care more about the people than the platform, design worship for the seats, not the stage.

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