Teaching Videos on Worship

In this series of video posts, Jim Altizer discusses a variety of topics.

What is the Meaning of Baptism? Communion? Sacrament?

How To Evaluate a Worship Service?

Why is there Conflict?

Why Should I Go to Church?

How Do You Imagine an Unimaginable God?

Are There Different Types of Worship?

How Do You Choose Songs for Worship?

The Lexicon of Sin

Who is Welcome to Worship?

Worship – Defined

“Trinity” Discussed

Praise – Defined

Holy – Defined

6 Responses to “Teaching Videos on Worship”

  1. Marsha Skidmore says:

    Thank you for allowing us to use your “Welcome To Worship” video during our kick-off Sunday on August 30th. Your words set the tone for a beautiful morning of worship together and were an inspiration to many.
    May God bless your continued service and leadership towards those of us who are called to this honor.
    Marsha Skidmore
    Director of Contemporary Worship
    First Presbyterian Church
    Bakersfield, California

  2. Jim Altizer says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!


  3. Tim Borchert says:

    Hi Jim,
    Look like you have been doing even greater things since IWS. Darrel showed me the welcome to worship clip and we wanted to try and use it with a planning team meeting next sunday. Can I get a copy of it for us to use at First Baptist Church in oak Ridge, TN.
    Tim Borchert

  4. Jim says:

    Dr. Jim, I’ve seen now four or five or more of your videos, and I have been inspired and made to think by them. I look forward to more, and I pray I may learn how to worship more acceptably to God.

    Berdie Hope

  5. Matthew Opoku Agyemang says:

    please how can i contact you Sir?

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